About Me

Welcome, if you've made it here then you probably looking to learn a little bit more about myself, Tom Baker, the founder of Healed by Touch, father of two!

I always wanted to be a massage therapist. When I was younger whilst studying Chemistry at University, I ended up joining the Massage society, and from there I found a natural talent for massage. 

I spent the next 9 years wasting so much time not pursuing my dream while working jobs I hated

One day I realised I had lost most of my 20's, the entire decade had gone by and I was no closer to having something successful to call my own.

But then my Father was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. He was given 6 months to live. I didn't realise how much grief can focus you, just as hunger can. It was then I started to study full time for my Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy course.

During my Dads last days, the thing that bought him the most joy and relief was sitting and allowing me to massage his legs and aching muscles. I use this memory to drive my practice, and made the decision to transfer all my efforts to improving my practice in massage therapy and the knowledge that I provides people with some small relief from the stresses of life. 

It was at this moment, as I decided to re-focus my life toward Massage Therapy, that I set up Healed By Touch. 

I wanted to bring more than just a massage experience to my clients. I wanted to back this physical healing up with mental healing, knowledge and relaxation techniques which they could take away with them for life.

As I was setting up the website, I remember telling myself not to get too excited, but that this was a project I could believe in 100%, something which bought so much value to people around me, as well as to people I would never even meet. 

I made a serious decision and commitment to show my value to the people visiting me for massages, so i have spent a good 3 months over the last lockdown in the UK building a website and surrounding content, with the aim always being to help my clients to bring a bit of calmness and knowledge into all areas of their life.

This advice I would give to anyone else - life is about RELATIONSHIPS. Build relationships first, opportunities will come later. I care deeply about every client who comes through my doors, and I have been blessed to receive many lovely people who have added wonderfully to my growth as a therapist.

I have recently had a conversation with a good friend about their local candle making business, and have had the pleasure of trying out many delicious samples which I hope to soon bring to you all.

I've invested massively in my development as a massage therapist, having completed my diploma in Pregnancy Massage as well as currently studying a Diploma in Baby Massage Therapy. These courses allow me to not only to help heal those in pain but also, more importantly, to teach those around them to help too. 

There is nothing more satisfying than helping a proud partner being able to give relief in some small way to their pregnant partner, or a parent being able to have a moment of calm and tranquilness with their child, however fleeting that may be!

The power of touch is incredible, and being able to share its secrets and techniques is my main aim through this website Healed By Touch. I hope you enjoy!